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In this episode, we first meet Rosemary at Drimnagh Castle to find out about daughter Una who is living away from Home, Cahter then goes to Paris ro sample the delights including visiting the oldest Ice cream shop in Paris, Berthillon.  She visits a local bakery and it taught how to make traditional French Croissants, she visits a cheese shop who stock over 300 hundred different types of cheese, she pays a visit to a local Fishmongers, she goes on a a food tour with Secret Food Tours and tastes all types of foods from meringue cake which has been on the menu of French Pastries since 1691, she visits the Jewish district which is known as “Falafels Street” and tastes some falafels. We visit Edwin Yansane a high end Chocolatier in his shop “Edwart” in Marais, thentakes  a trip to the top of the Montparnasse Tower whilst taking in the stunning views of Paris before taking a stroll around Canal St. Martin where locals come in droves to picnic on the canal banks, or soak up the sunshine in this photogenic area.

Drimnagh Castle Catherine Fulvio is with Rosemary Wilson at Drimnagh Castle
A view over the city of Paris from the Montparnasse Tower
a picture of Una and her family outside a Boulanger


In this episode, we meet Marian is a House Wife (and amateur golfer!). She has a family of six – three girls and one boy, herself and her husband. Sarah-Jo is number three in the family and youngest daughter. moved to Boston in Oct 2017. Now works as an Assistant Professor of Pharmaco epidemiology at Harvard University. Catherine gets a private tour of Fenway Park the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the world. Along the way, Catherine tastes some of Boston’s finest cuisine when she visits Chef Benjamin Lacy at his restaurant ArtScience Culture Lab & Café plus a market that houses some of Boston’s finest Chef’s under the one roof, “Time Out Market” where she tastes food by Chef Peter Ungár & Chef Michael Schlow. And a trip to Boston isn’t complete without visiting Mike’s Pastry who created the one-of-a-kind cannoli that keeps loyal Bostonians and tourists coming from around the world to enjoy. Catherine meets up with some other Irish who have immigrated to Boston and now work in one of Boston’s oldest boutique hotels “The Lenox Hotel”.  

a picture of Catherine & Joe & Marian Sinnott at ulach a’tSolais
picture outside Fenway Park Boston
picture of Catherine & Sarah-Jo Sinnott in Boston outside

Faro/ Windy Arbour

In this episode, we first travel to Faro, Portugal to meet João & Teresa to find out who is living away from home, João & his friend Tiago first made friends on a Portuguese beach aged 3 years of ago and have been friends ever since, but now that friendship has extended to their wives and kids – as both families always holiday together each year, however Tiago, his wife Sofia and family are now living in Dublin. Teresa and João make sure to show Catherine around Faro so she has a full understanding of the tastes and flavours of Portuguese cooking, as Sofia and Tiago really miss an iconic Portuguese dish the “Cataplana” .Catherin visits local landmarks such as the Cathedral, Arco da Vila, Arco do Repouso, Praça Afonso III and the Faro Municipal Museum. She also gets a tour of Carmo Church (Igreja do Carmo),  and the Bone Chapel (Capela dos Ossos) which is one of the best-known monuments in Évora, Portugal. 

Teresa and João Amaro with their children in Portugal
Bone Chapel (Capela dos Ossos) Évora, Portugal
Bone Chapel (Capela dos Ossos) Évora, Portugal


 On Tastes Like Home our contributors are Sisters Claire Auld and Jan Houston. Claire lives in Fethard-on-Sea and is married to William, an organic farmer, and they have two daughters.  Jan has been living abroad since the 80’s she met and married her husband Bill 25 years ago and today they live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Catherine travels to Newfoundland and goes Whale Watching in search for Humpbacks and Minke Whales, she visits Quidi Vidi village and Cape Spear Lighthouse and “The Rooms Museum” which houses an exhibit showing when and where the Irish arrived and settled in Newfoundland. She meets a new arrival Dubliner Kevin Massey who owns and runs a bakery in  St. Johns home, he also acts as a Food Guide at the local market & introduces Catherine to other local artisan producers.  Jan makes sure Catherine tastes some of the more local dishes like  Moose, Cod Tongues and partridgeberry pudding, as well as getting Catherine “Screeched In” and the girls have a go at “Axe Throwing”.

a picture of Catherine & Joe & Marian Sinnott at ulach a’tSolais
picture outside Fenway Park Boston
picture of Catherine & Sarah-Jo Sinnott in Boston outside


This week Catherine gets a guided tour of Old Town of Tvrđa and the Old City Walls, she visits a Regional Wine Cellar in the Old Town and tastes wine from the Danube region made by wine producers from Osijek, she will listen to some traditional music on the typical traditional instrument in eastern Croatia (Slavonia), a mandolin like instrument “tamburica”. Slavonia was always known as the golden land thanks to the golden fields of wheat. So, it doesn’t surprise that there were many water mills on the Drava river, Catherine visits a replica of a water mill, opened in 2015 and will get to see how they used to ground the corn and will be served corn-bread and bread-spread made from “pig-fat”. Restaurant Galija which is on a boat and Restaurant Gali and restaurant Didin Konak which is located in the Village of Kopačevo and next to the Kopački Rit,  and she takes the Kompa (Cable Ferry) across the river that flows through the City, the Drava River.

Kompa (Cable Ferry) across the river that flows through the City, the Drava River
catherine visiting a Regional Wine Cellar in the Old Town of Tvrđa
Catherine at the market in Croatia

Lifford/Maine and New Hamshire

Ann McClay is a the mother of four children, two children based in Donegal Ireland and two in America. She lives with her husband Jim. Ann’s hobbies include crafts, sewing, felting, quilting, ICA.

Catherine meets James Anns son and he’s has a surprise inflatable Irish pub in his garden they grab a quick pint before heading to meet Monica and going on a tour of America’s Stonehenge and meeting some Alpacas. Then they all head to Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire to try some award winning Mead and Cider! Next they try some pumpkin picking and cider donuts on Parlee Farms.James lives in Maine. James lives on the Saco River with his wife Meghan and Bernese Mountain dog Oisin.  He works for Child Protective Services in Maine as an investigator and he is currently 

In the US we first stop in Maine where Catherine goes on the ‘Maine foodie tour’ and tries, Potato Donuts, Nut Mylk Smeoothie, Seafood Chowder and Lobster rolls. Then travels to ‘Vena Fizz’ to meet Johanna. Next 

Catherine Fluvio & contestant Ann McClay in Donegal
Maine New Hampshire