Season 3 Episode 6 – Contestant Info

We first meet Felicity and her husband Peter at Killykeen Forest Park to find out who is the family member living away from home.  Later Felicity rustles up the dish that reminds Eoin of home in Drumelis, Atlantic Seafood cooked in a coconut broth, basil & truffle mash + crisp green veg.

Catherine then travels to Melbourne in hope to replicate Felicity’s dish and bring a taste like home over to Eoin who has just gotten engaged to Julz and is looking to impress with a dish from home.

Eoin has lived abroad for 10 Years.  He moved away from Ireland initially because he wanted to do a bit of Travel and enjoy a Holiday! Eoin has many hobbies, which include cooking and he’s a big fan of sports, in particular he plays golf and pool and is a big rugby fan. He’s also a keen poetry reader. He recently got engaged to his Australian fiancé Julz.

Felicity is a part time cook. Pre-retirement in Ireland and Dubai she was employed as a PA. Her husband is Peter McGrath, a retired Architect. They have two children Eoin 31 who lives in Melbourne and Rory 29 who works abroad on contract.

Season 3 Episode 5 – Contestant Info

In this Tastes Like Home episode, our contributors are Parents and Daughter, Lorcan + Betty and Colleen. Colleen has been living in Larnaka for 4 years now. She lives there with her husband Julian and their twin daughters, we first meet parents Betty and her husband Lorcan cycling on the Mayo Greenway route to find out who is the family member living away from home.

Lorcan rustles up the dish that reminds Colleen of home in Castlebar, Honey Glazed Ham, parsley sauce, buttery mash and baby carrots. In her childhood they first lived in Toronto Canada before her parents returned home to run a restaurant and night club and it’s this dish that reminds Colleen of the era in her life, as it was always one of the restaurant specials her dad Lorcan the chef would cook.

Betty is mother to Colleen and Shannon. Shannon lives in London. Her husband Lorcan is originally from Edenderry Co. Offaly. They met forty years or so ago in Toronto Canada and returned home to her home county of Co. Mayo in the eighties to run their restaurant and raise their daughters in Ireland. She work’s full time in Baxter Castlebar now in a lab and enjoys travelling, dancing, swimming, walking and exploring The Wild Atlantic Way.

Catherine then travels to Larnaka in hope to replicate Lorcan’s dish and bring a taste like home over to Colleen.

Colleen has been living abroad since she was 23 (17 years) originally teaching in Qatar, London, Dusseldorf and now Cyprus for the past 4 years with her husband Julian and twin daughters (10). Julian is in education and training with the United Nations hence why they are now in Cyprus close to the Green Line.

Colleen is an author with already 3 bestsellers in Women’s fiction. Her other hobbies include swimming and stand up paddle boarding with the twins and cooking- in fact her latest book is about a female Irish chef trying to make her dream come true in a tough industry!! They love the Mediterranean lifestyle, the weather, the food, the views, the beach and the laid-back culture and warm hospitality of the Cypriot people.

In Cyprus Catherine travels to Larnaka & meets with Collen and a tour guide who gives her a tour of the famous Medieval Castle of Larnaka; they soak up the sun at Kastella Beach before tasting some of the Cypriot signature Fish dishes Red Mullet & Gilt-head Sea bream at one of the many fish taverns on the beach. To find out more about Cyprus’s culinary scene, Catherine and Colleen take a food tour to taste 1) Stifado ( slow cooked beef with onions ), Kleftiko (slow roasted lamb with potatoes) & Galaktoboureko a traditional Greek dessert made with layers of phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with creamy custard and bathed in scented syrup. Then they head to hills to learn how to make the local Cypriot cheese – halloumi by visiting a local café where it’s still traditionally made.

Then it’s time for Catherine to cook up Lorcan’s ham dish with all the trimmings – but will it Taste Like Home for Colleen?

Season 3 Episode 4 – Contestant Info

Our contributors are sisters Nikki and Jill. Jill has been living abroad since she was 18.  She lives in Gran Canaria with her daughter Carolina.

Nikki is married to husband Niall who is the 2nd youngest of 14, lots of nieces and nephews. My sister Jill firstly lived in Majorca then moved to Ibiza where Nikki and Jill ran an Irish Bar called Finnegans Wake and we had another bar and Restaurant, after divorcing she then moved to Gran Canaria, over 20 years ago now, where she settled.  Nikki opted to return home to take care of their parents and she currently runs a B&B where she enjoys meeting people from all around the world.

Jill finished school and wasn’t too sure what she wanted to do so took up a job working as an au pair in Spain, and has lived abroad since she was 18,  she is now longer living away from Ireland than she ever lived in Ireland. Jill and her daughter Carolina own and run a legal  & consultancy firm in Las Palmas, the Capital of Gran Canaria and when she is not at work Jill enjoys the outdoors – she goes walking and enjoys a round of golf from time to time.

In this episode, we first meet Nikki at the Powerscourt Gardens to find out who is the family member living away from home.  Later Nikki rustles up the dish that reminds Jill of home in Bray, a Pork and Prunes dish.

Catherine then travels to Anfi Tauro in hope to replicate Nikki’s dish and bring a taste like home over to Jill.

Season 3 Episode 3 – Contestant Info

Sarah is 27 years old and lives with her partner Aaron. Sarah works for a global company called DXC Technology within the insurance vertical. She is based in the CBD in Sydney and has been working there for the last 2 years. When they first came to Sydney, Sarah and Aaron both joined the Young Irelands GAA team to make new friends, a great way to get to know people and have a sense of home when abroad. Aaron is a personal Trainer so fitness is important to them both.

Parents Kate and Noel live in Lusk. Kate works as a Legal Secretary. She is married to her husband Noel and has two grown up children, Conor and Sarah. She lives with Noel and her three doggies Molly, Charlie and George in Lusk!

In this episode, we first meet Kate at Lusk Round Tower where we soak in the surrounding views and to find out who is the family member living away from home.

Later Kate rustles up the dish that reminds Sarah of home in Dublin, Homemade Vegetable Soup + Homemade Soda Bread.

Catherine then travels to Sydney in hope to replicate Kate’s dish and bring a taste like home over to Sarah.

Season 3 Episode 2 – Contestant Info

Our contributors are husband and wife – Jason & Marie Walsh, and Marie’s Father Anders Lilja who lives in Stockholm. Marie has been living in Ireland for over 9 years now.

Jason has worked 25 years teaching sailing both in Ireland and abroad.  10 of those years in French speaking countries for luxury resorts. His exposure to a variety of cultures and their foods has made him a confident cook. He runs a business, which is directly involved in food production. Marie is Swedish. Marie is a trained Swedish Chef and massage therapist but now runs Jason’s business in typical Swedish efficiency. Jason now does most of their cooking due to his wife’s influence as well a step fact she is heavily pregnant with their first children as they are expecting twins.

Anders, Marie’s Dad is a keen golfer and travels regularly with friends to resorts to enjoy different courses and cultures. He loves his Summer house and enjoys his Mum, Kerstin Lilja-Stridh’s cooking at least once a week. He visits his son, Jon, in Oslo where he is a marine electrician. Jon was also in the Swedish Navy.

Anders loves American cars and worked for many years importing them for Swedish customers, making them road legal for Sweden. Anders often visits, Jason and Marie in Ireland. He loves Ireland very much.

In this episode, we first travel to Stockholm to meet Anders and his Mother Kerstin to find out who is the family member living away from home.

Later Anders rustles up the dish that reminds Marie of home in Stockholm, Meatballs with boiled spuds, brown sauce, lingonberry jelly and pickled cucumbers.

Catherine then travels back to Ireland, to the Gap of Dunloe in hope to replicate Ander’s dish and bring a taste like home over to Marie.


Season 3 Episode 1 – Contestant Info

Our contributors are Mother and Son, Liz and James. James has been living in Wellington, New Zealand  for 14 years now and lives with his wife Ani and daughter.

Mum Liz was born in Meath and is a retired deputy principal in a Deis school in Loughlinstown. She has also written a book called Taking Flight -The Caged Bird.  Liz developed a keen interest in India – it’s way of life incl yoga, it’s culture, it’s people and it’s cuisine, it was on one of these trips that Liz was taught how to cook the authentic Indian food that James are up on and now misses so much, Liz also met her husband, Francis who is from Kerala on the southwestern, coast of India.  It was the favours of these dishes that helped to expand James’ horizons and gave him the desire to travel and to visit and taste the food of other cultures which eventually led him to New Zealand.

Liz rustles up the dish that reminds James of home in Cabinteely, the Fish Molee a Kerlan Fish curry with lemon rice. Catherine then travels to Wellington to hopefully faithfully replicate Liz’s dish and bring a taste like home over to James.   

On Tastes Like Home Catherine Fulvio visits the town of Martinborough, home to some of the country’s finest winemakers, she stops by Nicola Balsam in Stonecutter Estates for wine tips and tricks, she visits ‘C’est Cheese’ one of the best local cheese shops in NZ  followed by tasting some local cuisine made by Michelin Star Chef, Adam Newell from the Union Square Bar + Bistro.  She travels onto Wellington to tour of The Museum of New Zealand “Te Papa Tongarewa” to learn about Maori culture and she visits Karaka Café to learn about Maori food and cooking techniques especially their smoked food “hangi”.  Catherine & James visit some of the local sights like Wildlife Sanctuary Zealandia where she finds out the culinary uses of some of the native plants. The people of Wellington love their coffee so Catherine visits Mojo Coffee Bar & roasters to find out what make’s New Zealand’s coffee so unique, as well as a visit to the NZ Parliament Buildings to meet top Kiwi Chef Shaun Clouston to taste one of his signature dishes, as well as a signature dish from Maori chef Rex Morgan in Boulcott Street Bistro before finally meeting fellow Irish man Shane Harmon who is CEO of Westpac Stadium in Wellington who introduces her to the “haka”.  Catherine then must recreates Liz’s  Fish Molee – Kerala Fish Curry with & Lemon and Turmeric Rice as well as her own recipes which sums up her taste of New Zealand Mini Pavlovas with a Passion Fruit Curd.

James has been living in Wellington for 14 years now. He works as a Sports Scientist. Health and Fitness are his main hobbies mainly trail running these days but he used to play rugby and rugby league but he says the body isn’t too keen on the hits any more and the head has said a definite no!!

Many dishes remind him of home but the one that stands out the most though are his Mums curries. She learned them on one of her trips to India.

One of the things he most loves about Wellington is the Food. He says Wellington is an epicurean’s dream.  He says they are also lucky enough to have immensely varied landscapes within walking distance of each other, from densely urban landscapes to native bush to rugged coastlines Wellington has endless vistas.